Need to Learn Marketing? There’s an App for That.

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An online presence is an absolute necessity for businesses now. Marketing online can be complicated, especially if you have been more focused on developing great products than learning salesmanship. For entrepreneurs and established business owners alike, Google has developed an app that teaches the fundamentals of marketing, and it’s free! The app’s name is Primer, and the 2.0 version has recently been released.

How it Works

Primer claims to provide “lessons on topics like branding, storytelling, remarketing, SEO, and programmatic ad buying.” SEO is search engine optimization, a service that helps to influence where your company shows up on search rankings. Whether your page turns up as number three or page three of local search results will make a big difference in how many new customers find you. The lessons are bite-sized so that you can learn when you have a few minutes free instead of setting aside blocks of time every day. What’s more, Primer is updated with new lessons on a weekly basis, with advice and concepts explained by experienced marketers in simpler terms.

Getting Started

To get started, all you have to do is download Primer on your phone’s Google Play or iTunes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand new business or looking to beef up the marketing for an already successful enterprise, the free app gives you basic skills and training to be more effective. The lessons also include quizzes to test the knowledge you’ve just learned. The content is downloaded to your phone so that you don’t need an internet connection while you’re learning.

Beyond the Basics

If you already know a good bit about marketing, then it still pays to keep up to date with fresh ideas. Following a blog can be like a subscription to a free magazine, keeping you up to date on the latest changes in your industry. For business-to-business marketing tips and tricks, Hubspot has a blog that’s updated daily. They screen guest writers so that the how-to articles and other guides are written in easily understood language by business professionals. For the cutting edge in social media marketing, Hootsuite is a popular source with innovative coverage and advice.

Whether you’re new to online marketing or successfully managing a Facebook page for your business, Nerdy by Design can help improve your online presence. Search engine optimization and other services are important for maximizing the visibility and impact of your company’s website.


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